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The twin point kit is suitable for transferring heat to two rooms. Eg a bedroom and a bathroom. It is a centrifugal fan similar to that in kit 1.

All you require is a qualified electrician for mains connection

Fan Performance: 129 l/s       Fan Type: Centrifugal

Heat Transfer Kit 2 by Westaflex

  • 4 off 3 metre lengths of 150mm R0.6 flexible duct

    3 off 150mm Poly Jet diffusers

    1 off 150mm R2E 190 Centrifugal Fan (Round)

    1 off 150x150x150 Poly Y Plain

    1 off 48mmx30mtr Roll of tape

    1off 25mmx50mtr roll of hanging strap

    1 off pair of fan mounts

    1 off Thermostat Control